Visit the Invention Room



 Welcome to the Monster-making Room in the Invention Room. This is where monsters are born from seeds. I bet you didn’t know that. True story, at least for the Idea Emporium. Even the monsters that live under the bed are grown. But last Friday, a monster escaped from his jar. It’s a mystery how.

In the Invention Room, we explore how form must always follow function. That means, your designs need to make sense! If I design a dress for a giraffe, she needs to be able to move freely in it and have room for her head, or it is not a good design. It’s a place of experimentation and discoveries.



monsterblueWhy are you just sitting there? Come on, fellow designers, get out those notebooks and sketchbooks. Don’t be shy. Time to dive into your imagination and be a detective. Answer these questions in your notebook:

  1. Why is he escaping?
  2. How did he escape?
  3. Why is Bloop (blue monster #43) wiggling?
  4. How did he squeeze out of that jar?
  5. Where is he heading?


 And New in the Invention Room…


Rose Fish! An experiment in roses + fish, for the garden enthusiast who needs company, but a dog would be too much work. Just brilliant.


For more fun…

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