Meet the Staff

The Idea Emporium is a magical place that serves non-human customers of the world. Its door is hidden to the humans, but I’m sharing it with you. It’s a place where unusual ideas are made and sold and where YOUR imagination can blossom and roam free. I invite you in.

The crows work in the Idea Emporium Bakery Department for shiny things taking treats to the customers. Design your cupcake in the Bakery department.


Marjorie the Fairy is the assistant to Leopold in the Idea Emporium Bakery. She can be forgetful but is very positive even in the face of craziness. Watch her movie here.

Reg the crow is Marjorie’s best buddy and partial to wearing green ties.


The Panda Train delivers mail to all the departments in the mall. Medium Panda, Small Panda and Anthony run the train. To watch more videos, go here.

The Invention Department is where all the crazy ideas are made, including your future ideas. Check out the monster who escaped here.

Zozo runs the Invention Room. It is believed he was once a cat that fell into the laundry with some mismatched socks.


The Nursery Department sells and cultivates unusual plants. Check out the Alien Botany over in the Blog.

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The Idea Emporium is going to be a book. By playing here you help make the book. Sign up for the newsletter and get the FREE page above to play with.

Be sure to stop by the SHOP to buy original art, sign up for classes, and sign up to be a character in my next movie!