How to draw a balloon animal: a lesson in shading

As you may or may not know balloon animals often visit the Idea Emporium Bakery and are partial to ice cream sodas. I don’t know a great deal about balloon animals that have came to life, but I can only theorize then, that the balloon animals are not lactose intolerant, which is a good thing….

Sketchbook Inspiration Sheet: Manolo’s Shoes

©designing fairy 2018 Today’s Inspiration Sheet All last year I’ve been making Inspiration Sheets in my Brain sketchbooks. They started out as an idea or jumping point and then sometimes I pair them with music to listen to and branch off into other resources I find. This is the first one I am sharing with…

Trick or Treating

The crows often sneak out of the Idea Emporium on Halloween to go trick or treating in the human world. They figure no one would know and think they are very small children. Lucille goes for the Milky Ways and has the best mask.

Field trip to a Pumpkin Patch

Time for a Field Trip! I don’t know about you but I need some light, some fun, some Nature! I need…a pumpkin patch. And Reg has a delivery over there. Oh there are the Monster Twins from the Invention Room. We can follow them. Oh there’s Reg. He’s making the delivery for Mr. Scarecrow. Interesting…

The Shadow in us we need to greet and Shadow Theater

I anxiously awaited the sun being blotted out while hiding out in the house away from windows with my Giant Ooh Yellow Dog, hoping the eclipse would pass quickly. Crouching down on the couch and pretending nothing was happening, while facing my fears of going blind, I thought about the Shadow. Not the old-time radio…