Where Creative Ideas Fly…Sometimes, Literally

Welcome to the Idea EmporiumIt’s a whimsical, imaginary mall run by magical creatures and crows where unusual products are sold to the non-human customers of the world. It’s a place you can go to where everything is possible and it’s safe for your imagination to run free. 

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About this Website

I’m creating an animated, interactive world, and an activity book for adults that want to be more creative and for kids that want to get off their ipads and become more imaginative.  Dive down in and visit the pages of the mall to read its stories and have fun with the activities by visiting each of the departments. 

This is also a living, breathing portfolio of Designing Fairy illustrations, animations and stories. 

the Panda Train from BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR short

Join me!

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Welcome fellow creative mind. Your humble store manager,