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Creating Tools for Growth to Make Life a Little Easier, and A Lot More Fun. 


The Comfort Cards for Transitions Affirming sayings and original quotes tool for comfort during those times of change to give to a friend or keep.


Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck my popular fairy deck. Tool for accessing and hearing your intuition with the help of Nature. (I’m creating the second edition with new cards now, hopefully, available in the Spring.

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Help! I’m Sensitive and Your Turtle Shell books. Tools for the sensitive, the empath, the feeling person. 50 stories and tips to help you navigate and accept your sensitivity and better deal with it. Book 2, The Turtle Shell, provides tools and help on better, stronger boundaries so you feel safe.

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The Idea Emporium Book. Will provide tools on blasting away “Stuck in the Floor Thinking” releasing creativity and imagination, and creative thinking. In progress.

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