Fashion Department


Clarice runs the Fashion Department. In the Fashion Department we explore through Shape how to work within limitations. Clarice is very particular where things go and how clothes are folded, and she is a bit near-sighted probably because her head is very high up from the ground. The Fashion Department caters to unusual customers who might not find clothes elsewhere, which causes a great deal of design problem challenges. During celebrations Talking Masks were sold and were very popular, although, there was that one incident we won’t talk about it involving an ice cream mask.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 2.08.42 PM

Let’s design a dress for Clarice, shall we? Based on the mural we saw in the photo.

The latest fairy dress in the department. Would you wear it? Why don’t you design what an Empress Dress would look like?

Featured in the Department this week:

Masks for every occasion. Pick one and write a story for it.


Help me design headpieces to sell in the mall. What’s your favorite?

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This week’s special:


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