Fairy Cards

The Fairies run the Idea Emporium Bakery. And in honor of them, I have my Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck cards you might enjoy.


SUPPORT connecting to your intuition and answers with the help of Nature.


The purpose of the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck: It’s whimsical, fun, thought-producing and Nature-honoring. Have fun chatting with whimsical blue herons, fairies in coats, and talking trees, while receiving inner direction. It’s practical, it’s Nature right here, not airy-fairy.

Let’s Play! Pick a card. Which one are you drawn to or want to play with?

Scroll down and see the card’s description and meaning.


Ooh! That card is M is for Fear Monster.

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  Fear makes your world smaller. When you befriend your inner monsters, they lose their scariness, and therefore, their power. Don’t go into fear, it isn’t what is real. Don’t get lost on what you see on the surface; dig deeper for clues. That scary Fear Monster may only be a pile of leaves.

Creative Curriculum Idea: Interview your Fear Monster. Ask the following questions:

  • Have I been exposed to negative voices and as a result, I am doubting myself and what I knew as my truth?
  • Are you seeing the present through a filter of old hurts?
  • Are you feeling someone else’s fear projected onto you?
  • Is there a need in you that you are afraid won’t be met?


That’s a good one. S is for Sunflower. 

You forgot how special you are!“

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  You need to see your brilliance. The positive healing pattern of sunflower is having healthy self-esteem. Be your brightest sun and don’t be afraid to shine. You only run into problems when you forget how special you are, and then you expect less. Do not mold to others’ expectations of you. Compromise gives you the message you need to be someone you are not to be acceptable, and that is untrue. All that you are is a gift, and that gift is needed here.

Creative Curriculum Idea: Call on the spirit of Sunflower by drawing her or posting a picture from a magazine, or take the flower essence to help you see yourself in a more loving light.


The card of freedom! N is for Nest in High Places.

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  This card is the Graduation card. Congratulations! You have burst through old beliefs and limitations recently. It’s a new way of being. You can now fly to exotic places where you can dance with snakes!


The card of feeling grounded and stable. T is for Tree Spirit.

You’ve forgotten the earthy side of your nature.”

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  Tree Spirits are spirits of the trees. This Tree Spirit is letting you know that you are too disconnected from Nature at this time in your life. You need to hug a tree, or walk in the forest, or sit by a pond. Symptoms you are disconnected:

  • you feel “boxed-in” and claustrophobic
  • you work in an environment where there is no windows
  • you feel cranky and irritable
  • you are not feeling creative or hopeful

Creative Curriculum Idea: Bring the outside in. Go hunting for fallen pinecones and forest treasures to bring into your home. Cut a flower from your rose bush and place it into a vase. Open some windows and let light in. Balance will be restored inside of you and around you.


 My favorite! The Card of Belonging. I is for Indian Gardens.

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  When you are planted in wrong soil and you are not thriving, you feel there is something wrong with you, rather than the soil. This happens when we are in places or situations that are not good matches for us. I love the Indian Gardens message. Indian Gardens is a lovely forest area near Sedona, Arizona, not far from my home. It’s filled with fairy energy and well, I love fairies, being a designing fairy.

Many uses for the deck:

  • A source of fun play inspiration for kids and adults to make stories
  • Pick a card a day as a guide
  • Use as a divination or tarot deck and ask questions to access your inner guidance
  • Play a Nature scavenger hunt alphabet game
  • Use for nature walks and exploration
  • Get in touch with Nature


With BONUS, 7 Fairy Princess Dress Cards Included with their own special meanings for you.


Plus you get 5 Description Cards for all the Cards!

Great Reviews for the Healing Fairy Alphabet deck:


“It’s really beautiful and magical and fun!” — RS, on Facebook

“It’s playful and fun with lots of learning!” — SG, on Facebook

“They are so beautiful, Ronni! They feel so good in my hands. The artwork and vibrant colors are such eye candy. I am having so much fun!” — MH, on Facebook

“The cards are so beautiful!” — my sister 🙂 hee hee

“You deck has inspired my creativity to new levels!” — JJ, Facebook


Professionally printed full color

Great jumping off points for creative writing prompts or nature education lessons!


The first Edition of the deck is SOLD OUT! Currently working on Second Edition with lots of updates, new cards, and a downloadable booklet. Available this Spring. 


There will be Several Ways to Buy Your Deck:

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