Express Through Line & Alien Botany

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Free Your Feelings & Imagination through Line!


Line with Alien Botany

I was pulled to a bookstore yesterday when I ran away from home (which is a whole other story), and happened upon an art book for two dollars. Miro was a master at line and shape. Circles floated up and lines showed direction and most importantly, burst with feeling. With just a few lines, you could express anger, happiness, contentment and… build a world from the deep insides of your mind. (How cool is that?)

There is a world inside of you that wants to be expressed.

The Nursery in the Idea Emporium is all about expressing yourself through lines. The right design tools in hand will be introduced to be successful. Don’t worry about the perfect drawings or being an expert. You will have the toolbox you need. You will be filled up with inspiration. We will “grow” alien botany, play with Wavy Trees, and have fun with flying mushrooms. (Beware added side effect: your imagination and childlike wonder will be expanded.) And through that play your world will be born. There will be lots of messages on creating and nurturing those tiny sprouts of expression that are being created. If you want to immerse yourself into a fun world where you will be safe enough to let go with your lines, this is for you.

Do join me as we dive down into our imaginations.


Starts in mid October we will begin; Online, from your living room couch.

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Once a week video introductory lesson with written lesson

Colorful fun worksheets three times a week to play with

One-on-one cheerleading from instructor (always fun)

Access to FB group

Resources to expand upon

Field Trip Suggestions

and more! Love more!


Who is this course is for:

  • Your writing or art is stalled or becoming stale
  • You need to get back into being creative but need an outlet for your feelings and expression
  • You need a douse of good and hope and the well of the imagination
  • You love designing and want to play with your own ideas
  • You need a dose of inspiration to jumpstart your creative juices
  • You used to love to draw and want to get back into it somehow
  • You need an avenue to express your feelings that is healthy and good
  • Your doodles at work are starting to look pretty good and you want to draw more



Week One: Intro to Line and Flying Mushrooms and a bit of Calder Thrown In

Week Two: Feelings and Lines and Wavy Trees

Week Three: Growing Alien Botany: Bring Line to Life

Week Four: Visit the Vintage Garden and Beware of Scarecrows

Scholarships and Such:

But Designing Fairy, I am squashed for cash right now, what can I do? I am offering a limited amount of exchanges. I could use some help with social media and virtual assistant-like help, so give me an email if that would work for you. I also offer a two payment option.


Is there a Facebook group?

Students can interact and mingle over on my Instagram or Facebook page, but most of my classes are more of a one on one experience between teacher and student. I’m a bit of an introvert (which I always write about) as are many of my students who prefer that personal attention and time.

Why is the class a little more expensive?

I am very hands-on, which I noticed many online classes are not, which covers my time plus the time to create the course. I’m available for questions, cheerleading, and art advice.

Is homework mandatory?

No, enjoy and do as much as you want.

Is there a refund if I don’t like class?

If you have taken the first lesson and hate it, and I mean hate it, we can talk about it.

What computer knowledge will I need to know?

Basic email, how to open a pdf or a video and how to enter the private class. You might need a scanner, phone camera to upload and share your creations.

I’m a professional artist. Will I still enjoy the class?

Of course. You will have some introduction to line again, but then after that it’s expanding upon and opening up the lines in your work like you haven’t before.

What supplies do I need?

You will need a good quality sketchbook and pens/markers for this class. A supply list is provided once you register.

Will the class definitely go?

When I taught Fairy Online School I noticed some classes filled up fast and some had one or two students. Unfortunately, the one or two student classes, did not run. It’s too much work for me to create a class if there are not enough students. If you are interested in a class, be sure to sign up right away to make sure there are enough students to have it proceed.

You are in good hands…Past Students Say

“I have loved all of the classes I have taken with Ronni and will continue to learn whatever she is teaching in the future!! The classes associated with Animal Communication ROCK! … Thank you Ronni for giving us such an amazing platform to learn from and while your journey is moving in a new and fabulous way I will try to keep up with you and take in all the fun and fantastic things you are creating anew!! Fairy School is amazing and I will miss it, but as you have said on to new and more fun things (paraphrasing there)!! Thank you so much and many blessings along your way!!” Jan Wilson Northern Nevada

“You do great Ronni I have talked with so many people that have either taken your classes or you’ve helped them.” — Jan Marie Kanzig, Oregon

“We have been traveling similar paths for quite a while and I’ve heard so many amazing things about your work. Friends have absolutely loved your courses and I’ve admired you from afar. You have always been a pioneer of this work. From what I’ve witnessed of you is you tend not to follow conventional wisdom, you birth new paradigms by following your highest knowing.” — the wise words of Laurel Bleadon-Maffel

“I love taking Ronni’s on-line Fairy classes. Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious. The assignments are fun, heart provoking and tailored to fit my journey. Her feedback is supportive and unpretentious. With the help of the Fairies, I’ve created a beautiful garden and I’m drawing and painting again. I feel more creative than I have in years! ~In Gratitude, Michele Bustamante, Animal Communicator, Durham NC

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