For Kids and Adults. Open For Registration:alienbotanyclass

Follow the crazy lines to create mood, form, and a bunch of alien plants and wavy trees in this design/drawing class, that will free up your drawings, and free up your voice and expression. Already an artist? Loosen up your lines, let it go, and free up your drawings. Can draw well? Can you draw a line and a doodle? This class is for you. Details here.

For Kids and Adults:movementwithreg

A more extensive workshop/mentorship to learn how to bring life to your drawings in different forms that include simple animation.


Follow the Mad Scientist to unblock in 30 days. The class is all about being authentic and discovering who you are as a creative person, while having fun creating many experiments in the Lab. Proposed: September. Details Coming, But You Can Hold your place and register here.


My Rubber Ducky Theory

When I was a little fairy, I was forced to take baths after a long day of play. To make the chore more enjoyable, swimming alongside the rubber ducky named Duck, I had a host of tiny plastic creatures who lived in a water world floating by on cars and the occasional soap dish. The bath came alive with stories and I didn’t even notice I was also getting clean.

In school I had to take a Speech class for my growing front teeth that liked to confuse the sounds of F and TH. The teacher for that class had a BRILLIANT teaching style. We kept our exercises and notes in a black composition notebook that made Speech class less of a burden and an embarrassment, and more of an adventure. There were hidden pockets and flaps, and pictures from magazines were alongside the exercise pages stapled in. When we turned in the notebook once a week the teacher’s red pen wrote words of encouragement: “Keep it going,” and “This is a great effort” for the slightest effort.

Later in college I had an introductory design class where we kept notebooks. Those notebooks had to be visually appealing with emphasis on book design. I kept my careful notes interspersed with tiny people that lived in another world but were here to help teach design. Those little inhabitants were much like my bath creatures, and through that class I fell in love with design.

Later as an adult teacher these experiences formed my belief about learning: even the mundane can be fun, and when you learn with fun, you integrate the information more fully and you remember. This is my Rubber Duck Theory.

As a teacher…

I’ve taught art, healing, and animal communication for years. Not too long ago I had a ten-year old international online school, the Fairy Online School, where I taught healing, classes for the sensitive, and creativity + intuition and created over twenty classes. I was able to design and write curriculum that was fun, interact with students, and do a great deal of cheerleading and nurturing spirits, much like that brilliant Speech teacher. In 2012, I went back to school for Graduate certification in Education Technology and Media to learn how to bridge technology/design with fun learning. Before that I taught in the classroom — from the little ones to college students — for over two decades. Through the Idea Emporium classes I hope to get back into online teaching with this new FUN creative design curriculum from the book.