How to draw a balloon animal: a lesson in shading

As you may or may not know balloon animals often visit the Idea Emporium Bakery and are partial to ice cream sodas. I don’t know a great deal about balloon animals that have came to life, but I can only theorize then, that the balloon animals are not lactose intolerant, which is a good thing….

They are my favorites, dang it! The message of being true

There is a program on Instagram that will pick out your best posts of 2017. I fiddled around with it and it worked once. The second time it looped over and over saying my images were very large and to wait a moment. After waiting too many moments, I took the hint and walked away…


I’ve been obsessed lately with Flight and Movement. Starts with doodling. Add color. Animate next. Birds inspired by Alexander Calder exhibit. Animate these guys next. My Fly mug available here. One of my Comfort Cards. The movement of the balloons. More movement  

Check out the Playhouse Page

I’ve added a Cinema page! I will be adding tiny bits of videos often to peek into the world of the Idea Emporium so you can learn more about it. Did you know that every day at 4pm is Feeding Time for the monsters grown in jars in the Invention Room? Curious? Go here. And…

Playing with Alien Botany

The Nursery Department grows and sells Alien Botany from seeds from all over the planets. I bet you didn’t know that. I’m developing the pages for the book and here’s a sneak peek for all you readers. What started out as a sketch… Before clean-up and for the coloring page. Creating a planet for the…