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Gallery of Cupcakes

Care to join the virtual designers with your own cupcake design to the Gallery of Cupcakes? Fun Activity: Help Design Some Cupcakes Enter the Cupcake Room, and design a cupcake, but don't be afraid of making mistakes (see reject cupcakes). Print out and download the sheet below to play. Send me your pics and I… Continue reading Gallery of Cupcakes

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Field trip to a Pumpkin Patch

Time for a Field Trip! I don't know about you but I need some light, some fun, some Nature! I need...a pumpkin patch. And Reg has a delivery over there. Oh there are the Monster Twins from the Invention Room. We can follow them. Oh there's Reg. He's making the delivery for Mr. Scarecrow. Interesting… Continue reading Field trip to a Pumpkin Patch