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Join my challenge in October?

HalloweenmemeThe Halloween challenge!

Sew, draw, doodle, illustrate, cook, write, craft, a thing a day following the Halloween challenge.

Number 3? That’s October 3rd.

Make things that would be suitable for selling in the imaginary, magical Idea Emporium. What aisle or department would it be sold in? The Garden, Bakery, Fashion department or Invention Room?

Join me.

Then post to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag #ideaemporiumhalloween.

And tell a friend! Creativity loves company.

I will be sharing my submissions here and on Instagram.

Will you be joining me?


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Sketchbook Inspiration Sheet: Manolo’s Shoes


©designing fairy 2018

Today’s Inspiration Sheet

All last year I’ve been making Inspiration Sheets in my Brain sketchbooks. They started out as an idea or jumping point and then sometimes I pair them with music to listen to and branch off into other resources I find. This is the first one I am sharing with you to give a little juice to maybe make your own stuff.

I watched a documentary this weekend when I was forcing myself to finally rest, Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards (on Netflix, by the way). I had heard of and seen Manolo shoes from when I used to receive The New York Times on my doorstep and there were often his fun, expressive shoe drawings in some of the ads. Being a design lover, I was curious who this flamboyant designer was and excited to find this documentary. Lately, I’ve been attracted to the tiny design details — the perfect stitches, the flounce of ribbons, the shiny rhinestones. His shoes burst with all of these. Even his “crazy” designs are clean and make sense, like his patchwork red stripe number in the sketch above. These aren’t messy craft projects you sometimes see on Project Runway. These are work of art. I took notes on jumping off points for my creative juices. I like that he names all his shoes. I need to name all the creations in the mall.


I sketched his shoes for over several hours. These shoes so belong in the Idea Emporium Mall, don’t you think? I wonder if he would be interested. The designs inspire me to draw and create my own crazy designs, although, my designs are not nearly as classy as his. (I will share on my instagram.) How about you? Inspired to start doodling and designing?

Until next time,