Bakery Department

It’s a typical day in the Bakery Department, but you need to be careful when you make a wish in a magical bakery.

Welcome to the Bakery Department at the Idea Emporium. In the Bakery, we explore the design tool of Color and stretching our ideas further than ever before. The bakery is run by fairies with Marjorie, assistant baker, and Leopold, head baker. The crows work in the bakery for shiny things. An occasional chocolate rabbit helps with the donut production and delivery, and Reg, Marjorie’s best friend assists. The goods baked there are a bit unusual, like, bouncing cakes, and Underwater Lollipops. Do watch to see what happens when get what you wish for when wishing in an imaginary bakery. 



Here’s a sample activity book sheet. Let’s play with Candied Apples in the Forest.

bunnyFeatured this week in the Bakery:


Underwater Lollipops. Free the fish a few licks. Keep a water dish handy for them to jump into.

Magic Sodas! What magic power does each soda give you?


This Week’s Special:

Inspiration and Play for You:


For more fun…

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