Bakery Department

Welcome to the Bakery Department at the Idea Emporium.


The bakery is run by fairies with Marjorie, assistant baker, and Leopold, head baker. The crows work in the bakery for shiny things. An occasional chocolate rabbit helps with the donut production and delivery. The goods baked there are a bit…unusual. Oh, there’s one of the bouncing cakes. They do tend to get a little rambunctious at times. I need to go chase it. Would you like a piece of Beanstalk cake?


The Bakery department chapter in the book is all about playing with color to stretch your imagination even farther, and that means coming up with ideas. Ideas are everywhere if you look close enough and know where to find them.




Fun Activity: Help Design Some Cupcakes

Enter the Cupcake Room, and design a cupcake, but don’t be afraid of making mistakes (see reject cupcakes). Print out and download the sheet below to play. Send me your pics and I will share in the Gallery of Cupcakes! Email me.

Click on link:

Cupcake Decorating Sheet


Gallery of Cupcakes

Here’s Some Cupcake Creations from Fellow Idea Emporium Designers:

Artist: David Wagenfeld, Adult artist, MI

“Lemon Juicyfruit” from Artist: Jacqueline Johnson, Adult artist, FL


For more fun…

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