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Day 1 Prompt: Floating Hats

It's Day 1 of the challenge I gave myself. 31 days of Halloween-inspired drawings of what could possibly be in or sell in the Idea Emporium. I've invited all of you who visit to exercise your creative muscles by creating to the prompts a poem, a scribble or doodle, a creation. Today's offering: Floating Witch… Continue reading Day 1 Prompt: Floating Hats

art experiments · Whimsical animation

It’s This Month! Halloween Prompts Idea Emporium Challenge

I'm so excited! Join me in this experiment to play, created in my Invention Room in my Idea Emporium. A few facts: Do I have to post every day? You can post once, a bunch, or all 31 days. Post on Instagram or Facebook, or Pinterest or whatever. Tag it: #ideaemporiumhalloween so we can bounce… Continue reading It’s This Month! Halloween Prompts Idea Emporium Challenge


Join my challenge in October?

The Halloween challenge! Sew, draw, doodle, illustrate, cook, write, craft, a thing a day following the Halloween challenge. Number 3? That's October 3rd. Make things that would be suitable for selling in the imaginary, magical Idea Emporium. What aisle or department would it be sold in? The Garden, Bakery, Fashion department or Invention Room? Join… Continue reading Join my challenge in October?