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Designing Fairy


My name is Ronni Rose Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy. It is believed I am part or mostly fairy (don’t tell) stuck in a human body, but I’ve said too much about that. I am the Imaginary Store Manager of the Idea Emporium.

I’ve always taken steps out of the box and followed my own path. I’ve tried very hard to do things how everyone else does them, and it never worked for me.

I became an animal communicator years ago when there were only a few, when talking to dogs was a crazy notion that was frowned on. I struggled with being sensitive for most of my life so I started a blog that later became a popular self-published book before anyone even knew what being an empath was, at a time when others told me no one would read your book unless I had a huge platform on television. P.s., it didn’t matter. I love Nature and I am a firm believer in the gift of being self-guided by your intuition to make real magic happen, so the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck was born a card at a time and sold out on first printing because folks needed a whimsical way to hear guidance. I started an online school, Fairy Online School, when there were very few online schools because I felt folks needed fun classes they could relate to on reconnecting to Nature and their own intuition. My latest project, the Idea Emporium book, is all about thinking out of the box for solutions to avoid sit-in-the-hole thinking, which keeps you stuck and hopeless.


My background

I bring a rich artistic background to help birth this book into the world. I love to teach through fun methods because I believe we learn the most when we engage in play (my Rubber Ducky Theory). My training and experience includes:

  • Over two decades of teaching art to both college-age adults and elementary school children
  • The creator of my own online international school of ten years, Fairy Online School
  • Degrees in Communication Design and Fine Art
  • Graduate certification in Education Technology and Design to learn how to create curriculum that is fun and entertaining
  • Fourteen years as animal communicator creative problem-solving for clients
  • Published illustrator of activity books, Cooking Art (Gryphon House), Word Swirls (Element Children’s Books), and my mentioned own Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck and Comfort Cards for Transitions, best-selling  Help! I’m Sensitive, and book 2, Your Turtle Shell

I have worked as a retail salesperson early in my career, and I must say, I am more suited for managing an imaginary mall.


My life

I am partial to tutus and dancing, anything dogs, and I have seen every episode of Project Runway. Oh, and I have a fairy tent. I live in a treehouse with a talking dog, an angel basset hound who visits often, my supportive elf husband, and three creative fairy step-children who give me ideas, one of which expects me to pay him big one day in book royalties.


I’d love to hear from you! To contact me, fill out the form below, or email at designingfairy (at)


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