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Welcome to the Idea Emporium. An imaginary mall located, somewhere, that caters to…

the unusual customer. Here you will find a place to unstuck your stuck thinking, expand the limits of your imagination, and think like a kid again. The mall houses a Bakery run by fairies, an Invention Room where what is sold in the mall is created, a Garden Department with alien plants, and a Fashion Department that caters to giraffes and alligators, or those hard to find sizes. I am birthing a world of picture books, lessons, activity books & other things for children and Inner Children forgotten by Adults.

Meet the Staff


I run the mall. About me.

Reg the crow helps Marj run the Bakery Department. He is partial to green ties. I’m not sure why.

The crows work in the Idea Emporium Bakery Department for shiny things taking treats to the customers.


Marjorie the Fairy is the assistant to Leopold in the Idea Emporium Bakery. She can be forgetful but is very positive even in the face of craziness. Watch her movie here.


The Panda Train delivers mail to all the departments in the mall. Medium Panda, Small Panda and Anthony run the train. To watch more videos, go here.

The Invention Department is where all the crazy ideas are made, including your future ideas. Oh, you didn’t know that? Also, seemingly crazy dreams are born here too, like this book. Check out the monster who escaped here.


The Birds in the Aviary birth all the new ideas.

Zozo runs the Invention Room. It is believed he was once a cat that fell into the laundry with some mismatched socks.


The Nursery Department sells and cultivates unusual plants. Check out the Alien, Weird Plants over in the Blog.

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Clarice runs the Fashion Department. She is very good at reaching high shelves.

There’s several departments: the Bakery, the Fashion department, the Garden department, and the Invention Room.

Become a part of the world being born! I’m currently creating curriculum and a series of activity books and story books, but in the meantime, enjoy the stories of the mall, be inspired by a few creative prompts and play with a lesson or two.

And enjoy my other products and books tailored to provide tools to help you thrive while having fun. There’s the Comfort Cards for Transitions to send or keep, the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck to play with Nature and connect to your own inner answers, and my popular Help! I’m Sensitive book set. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for new developments.

Copyright 2018 Ronni Rose Swanson, all ideas and illustrations.