Visit the Mall


There’s an imaginary mall…

It’s hidden behind a big elm tree on a side street, and I found it. Now I’m the manager. It’s a place where fairies sell bouncing cakes in the Bakery, tiny bugs rent mushrooms that fly in the Nursery department, and monsters that live under the bed are grown in the Invention Room. It is where creative ideas take form, and minds are stretched for new solutions with the help of design.

It’s a place to free your imagination and your thinking.


The Idea Emporium, is an art activity, illustrated book for creative adults and kids 12 and up. It’s also a world of movies, and it needs your help.

Welcome Virtual Design Assistants


Folks are saying about the book & movies so far:

“Your work is so fun and whimsical. It’s delightful and inviting.” — naturejewelrybymyriam (Instagram)

“Oh this is so charming. I like your bakery very much, but the bunnies’ story is just delightful.” — crishamilton (Instagram)

“Yes, I enjoy your imagination immensely.” — mandysteward, Messy Canvas (Instagram)

“Your art makes me feel happy..the kinda happy like when I was a kid and heard the ice cream man’s music on the corner and was lucky enough to have 50 cents for a bomb pop.” — Marg Bryant (Facebook)

Time to visit the pages and departments of the magical Idea Emporium and witness and participate in its birthing into the world. Do some creative prompts, stop by the BLOG for nurturance, contribute to the Gallery of Cupcakes, sign up for a class. Stretch those imaginations.

The Bakery Department

The Nursery Department

The Invention Room

The Playhouse of movies

Witness the book in process, see mini movie clips, over on Instagram. Follow me!