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Welcome to the Idea EmporiumIt’s a whimsical, imaginary mall run by magical creatures and crows where unusual products are sold to the non-human customers of the world. It’s also a living, breathing portfolio of educational designer and illustrator, Ronni Rose-Swanson. 

Visit each department for fun and lessons. In the Nursery, there’s weird drawings & alien plants and short drawing lessons. In the Invention Room, fun stories about escaping monsters and my art experiments. In the Bakery, sugary inventions are sold that are out of the ordinary with featured specials. And in the Fashion Department, there’s the latest designs for fairies and giraffes. And do check out the newest department, the Aviary.

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This Week’s Fun:


How to draw a balloon animal: learn all about quick shading. Click here, my Dear.


See you in the mall…Your humble mall manager,