I invite you to enter the World of the Idea Emporium Mall activity book and movies. It’s a magical store where unusual products are sold to the non-human customers of the world. Visit a typical day in the Bakery Department over in Episode One: Be Careful What You Wish For. Enjoy! And do sign the Guestbook!


ACTIVITY BOOK: The Idea Emporium Mall always needs virtual designers. Play along and learn how to design and bring your own ideas to life. With the help of the Idea Emporium Mall, you can open up your creativity, unblock your blocks, believe in what you thought impossible while stretching your imagination farther then before. Take a look around, visit the departments. Try your hand at some creative prompts by following the Blog. Design a cupcake in the Bakery. And be sure to give Reg the Crow a few scratches on the head. He likes that.


There are several ways to help birth the project! By Becoming a patron or Fairy Fan, you get exclusive peeks, creative prompts and behind the scene looks at the Idea Emporium world. And if you know an agent or publisher, give me a message!

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